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Very Bad Things is available in: English on Netflix Germany Reviews 2001-05-11 : Peter Travers Berg is so in love with his escalating shock tactics that they quickly cease to shock. 2001-02-14 : Kenneth Turan …hollow, simple-minded and about as profound an experience as stepping in a pile of road kill. 2000-01-01 : J. Hoberman The …

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Robin-B-Hood is available in: Cantonese on Netflix Germany Reviews 2006-09-18 : Jay Weissberg Mildly fun ride has none of the darkness of New Police Story, his previous pairing with helmer Benny Chan, instead banking on Jackie’s tried-and-true comic charm in a standard baby kidnapping farce enlivened by just enough action sequences… Watch it on Netflix Deutschland

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Turtle: The Incredible Journey is available in: English on Netflix Germany Reviews 2011-06-30 : Sheri Linden A solitary long-distance traveler with prehistoric cachet, the loggerhead turtle makes a compelling subject for a nature film, as the spectacularly shot, aptly named Turtle: The Incredible Journey demonstrates, if at times too feverishly. 2011-06-24 : Kirk Honeycutt A smartly …

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